What to Investigate When Hiring An Attorney

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Getting into an auto accident can be scary whether you are the one who caused the accident or not. It’s important to protect yourself. If needed, you can search online for any auto accident attorney henderson nv in your area. If you don’t pick the right attorney, however, you might still be on the line for the accident with you paying the same amount as if you didn’t have an attorney in the first place. Make sure that you look into all of these different aspects to make sure that you actually have a professional attorney.

Time in Law

When you hire an attorney, you’ll want to make sure that they have spent enough time actually working in law. To find this out, first, ask them simply how long they have been in their position as an attorney. Once they give you the amount of time, try going through archives on the internet or in local papers so you can see if you find anything dating back to around that time to make sure they aren’t lying. If you haven’t been able to find anything on their past publicly, ask more about cases they took on and what they were able to do during that time. Chances are they could have been working for a different law firm which would be an explanation that makes sense as long as they were an actual attorney there. Make sure however if they did work at another law firm, that they weren’t working in a position that gave them the experience they needed today such as being someone who simply takes care of paperwork. Ensuring that the attorney you hired has enough time in law is important to getting your case down properly.

Cases Won

Not only should you be considering how much time in law the attorney you’re hiring has had, but how many legal cases they have won. Ask them if they can give them any names of people who have been involved in cases that they have helped win. After you’ve gotten names, see if you can contact any of those names and see if they can give an honest review. Going for a review afterward is important as you might not be getting the full story from the attorney as a case could have been barely won for example. Making sure that you know what causes an attorney helped win is important to find the right attorney for you.


You’re not always likely to win every legal case against you, but finding a quality attorney will make sure that you win most of them. Ensure as well that you don’t talk to the attorney on the opposing side as they are only going to use evidence against you. This means not even contacting the same law firm if you’re interested in getting a case going even if it was for a case that you were against the way in the past. Following all of this will help a lot in the legal process.