Personal Injury Attorneys Aren’t Just for Motor Vehicle Accidents

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Personal injury attorneys are there to provide you with the knowledge resources expertise and assistance necessary with navigating the legal world that we live in. When it comes to accident and personal injury attorneys their use may not be necessarily for what you assume. For instance, my primary thought goes towards motor vehicle accidents as well as industrial accidents in the workplace. This however is just a typical assumption. In reality accidents and injuries happen every day in all walks of life. Therefore, why wouldn’t there be specific lawyer to help you out during each of these cases?

For example when my family and I were on our vacation in Florida we were riding our bicycles down the road towards the beach. After turning down a street and continuing around a bend I ended up encountering a pothole in the bike lane of the street. I hit the pothole, which caused me to fall head-over-heels on the bicycle. The resulting injury was a fractured metacarpal that would require surgery. After going over my medical insurance and doing some quick math, it seemed inevitable that I would be responsible for my full deductible that year which would result in thousands of dollars.

Now the following is an important concept when pertaining to personal injury lawyers. Personal injury lawyers are a wealth of information and not simply a means to an end when thinking about suing an individual. Therefore, I made an appointment for a free consultation with a local attorney. You can start an online search for any type of bicycle accident attorney fort lauderdale fl in your area.

After speaking to the attorney he described the laws pertaining to public street and bicyclists’ rights. It appeared that because the pothole was in a legally marked bicycle lane, and the hazard wasn’t clearly marked as a hazard, the town of Fort Lauderdale was actually responsible for my medical bills. During our discussion my attorney suggested that I also sue for pain and suffering, however after asking him the effects of going for something more I discover that it would most likely cause my lawsuit to last longer. Therefore we mutually decided that based on the time frame and amounts I was going for it would be to my benefit to ask simply for medical and attorney fees.

Since most likely I was also entitled to pain and suffering, the city determined to settle my case rather quickly. Before I knew it, I was no longer responsible for the medical bills associated with my injury as well as the fact that I was reimbursed for an amount equal to what I had already paid towards the medical bills I had incurred due to the accident. If I had never seeked help, then I would have been responsible for everything. I would have been responsible for over $3000, the cost of my yearly good doctor will for insurance. Likewise, I would have been responsible for my initial lawyer fees. Thankfully I had thought to call the attorney and the first place.